Tips for Guests Attending an Indian Wedding

Indian weddings are known to be extravagant and long-lasting, and this is because weddings are very important and sacred to the Indian culture. The reason for this affair lasting several days is due to the many rituals which have their own significance and lend character to the entire celebration.

Are you going to be attending any of these joyous ceremonies? If so, this article will help you understand what these rituals might involve, as well give styling tips:


This is usually the start of the wedding celebrations, filled with excitement. During this joyous occasion, the couple’s family and friends perform dances for them. This is usually followed by dinner and music.

Styling tips: If you are taking part in the dance showcased to the couple, then you can wear something beautiful, but easy to wear. However, it is also common at Indian weddings to change outfits several times, at one event. So if you want to wear an extravagant anarkali, lehenga or saree between the performances, then do that!


This is a pre-wedding ritual which is usually organized by the family of the bride. It is a colourful, musical and lively celebration for the bride’s friends and family, normally held just for women. The women get stunning mehendi, also known as henna, designs on their hands and/or feet. Mehendi signifies the love and affection between the couple and their families.

Styling tips: Wear something bright and colourful, but you may be sitting for a while when getting mehendi applied – so wear something comfortable and light. Warning! Mehendi might get on your outfit if you are not careful, so it is advised not to wear your favourite garment. A vibrant anarkali or salwar would be appropriate.


The haldi ceremony is a cleansing and purifying ceremony performed before the wedding day. A paste is applied on the face, hands and feet of the bride and groom (each in their respective homes). The detoxifying paste is made from turmeric, sandalwood and rose water, which is believed to bring fairness and a glow to the skin which will ultimately create more attraction between the couple.

Styling tips: Just like the mehendi ceremony, wear something light, bright and not precious to you – as you will be applying this paste on the bride and may also have some put back on you too! A simple anarkali or salwar is suitable.


The wedding ceremony is traditionally conducted entirely or at least partially in Sanskrit, considered by Hindus as the language of holy ceremonies. There are many symbolic rituals performed throughout the event, starting with the bride’s family welcoming the groom’s family and ending with the performance of the marriage.

Styling tips: A rich silk, chiffon or crepe material saree or lehenga would be most appropriate at the wedding. All colours work on the wedding day, except black. Be sure to dress up your stunning garment with accessories and look fabulous!


This follows the wedding ceremony and is organized by the groom’s family to celebrate the new arrival into their home, the beautiful bride. This also serves as a chance for the bride to thank her friends and family for attending, take photos and meet acquaintances of her new family.

Styling tips: A long gown, elegant saree, or gorgeous anarkali are suitable at this occasion. As there is a lot of dancing involved, it is advised to wear something light. This is also a chance to finally wear black, as in the previous ceremonies this is forbidden.

In conclusion, the significance of each ceremony adds beauty and romance to an Indian wedding. Embrace these special celebrations by wearing a stunning and bright outfit. Enjoy!