Tips for Recessionista Styling

We all hate to admit it but we are watching our costs. Whether it be clipping coupons at the grocery store, or cost comparison for the best deal. Fear not Recessionistas I have created a few styling tips to provide you with to make your hairstyle last from the salon to day four without shampooing with little effort!

First at the salon it’s all about the product and how it’s applied. We use very little. Imagine this, you glob out a handful of styling product slap it on right in the front of your hairline. WRONG! Even with long hair you need maybe a dime to quarter size of that pro product. So that bottle of $2.99 hair gel, it takes more of that cheap product to get it work.

Why do you have to use so much of the cheap stuff? Basically it’s water, fillers, and sticky ingredients that can weigh hair down. So that pro product yes recessionista is more initially but it I promise it will last and last. But only if your use your frugal ways in the amount you use!

Now take your product and emulsify it in your hands first. Why? This breaks down the product concentration. Then apply it from back to front to damp, not dripping wet hair. Why back to front? Because you want your style to last for 4 days without wasting that pricey product you just purchased! Doing it this way allows for the product to be worked throughout your hair not just blobbed on. Now you leave the salon with a new bouncy and full hairstyle!

You wake up late on day two and realize hey it’s not that bad. So with a swipe of the brush, you head into your day with your new style. Day three, your starting to think yeah right, I can’t go for four days without shampooing.

You can with a dry shampoo. No H2O. Hear that? You can have fresh day one hair without shampooing with water! Today, pull out some hot or Velcro rollers for added volume and style. A few squirts of dry shampoo will reactivate those products used on day one.

So day four comes around and this is perfect time for an impromptu bun or ponytail. Viola’ you have made it four days with some helpful tips, a few product changes!

Think of all the time and money you have saved by using fewer products! Yes the initial pro product is more but in the long run they include better ingredients that hold a style longer, therefore use less. Stay tuned for more tips!